of the VIDEO project

The main features of the VIDEO project are the following:


  • AlSix structure and freeform mirrors in order to build an compact instrument with large field of view, very good thermal and dimensional homogeneity and stability.
  • A well-designed video channel that includes a set of adaptive video algorithms for processing and compression.
  • An end-to-end demonstration of the performances thanks to a down-scaled instrument prototype.

The main objectives of VIDEO are defined as follows: 

  1. To develop a competitive compact and large field of view VIDEO instrument for small and medium platforms;
  2. To demonstrate the ability to polish AlSix freeform mirrors made from additive manufacturing to a precision level required for space applications;
  3. To demonstrate the ability to produce an instrument made with AlSix material in order to meet space requirement for optical instrument;
  4. To demonstrate the ability to assemble and align the instrument (including telescope and focal plane) within the optical requirement to reach the performances;
  5. To demonstrate the ability to capture high quality, high dynamic range, 46 million pixel images at video rate;
  6. To develop an efficient video channel adapted to the instrument mission;
  7. To deliver an operational ground demonstrator of the VIDEO payload.